1.4 MC Quiz and Debriefing


  1. How many units of alcohol can a man have each day according to the drinking advice

          a)2   b)3   c)4

     2. What is alcohol classified to humans?

         a)carcinogen   b)vitamine   c)Amino acid

     3. Which substances are not counted as alcohol?

        a)methanol  b)Isopropanol  c)ethanol  d)tobacco 

    4. Which organ can metabolize ethanol ?

       a)liver   b)lung   c)kidney 

    5. Where does alcohol distillation possibly originate from ?

       a)The Indus valley civilization  b)Hong Kong   c)UK

    6. How many unit does 1 can (~250 ml) of regular beer with 5% alcohol content have? 

        a)1   b)2   c)3

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